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Hello Steve,

I am interested in subscribing to your live alerts where you call trades for SuperADX and Supertrend. In this regard could you please answer my following questions:

1- For the SuperADX system, I have seen the system is offered with all indicators and instructional pdf, do you teach me the exact same system you use to call the live trades, most importantly how do you call set targets and exit trades, the most important aspect is the exit so do you teach how to set targets and exit trades.

2- For the super trend system, does it use a combination of existing indicators, do you teach this system as well or offer it for sale, I could not find it on any page on your site.

Best Regards,


Hello M-

Thank you for your email and interests in our FXCoaching alert service where we call trades based on SuperADX and the new Supertrend systems.  My answers to your questions are below:

1)  Yes, when I send a trade alert, I give the basis of the trade.  I tell you what timeframe and which indicator triggered the trade alert.  Occasionally, but not all, I give the reasons along with a chart image showing how I figured the stop loss and target.  I always use our Fibonacci Progression Bands to figure the stop loss and target.  These bands are the best way to locate unique levels of Support and Resistance which we use to set targets and stop orders.  We do not yet sell the Fib Bands, but many customers have asked for them recently, so we will prepare them for sale soon.

2)  The Supertrend system was just developed in December 2010 in response to a difficult month in November 2010 after an 18% drawdown.  We make it a rule to keep drawdowns under 15%, so you can understand that 18% was far beyond our comfort level.  We developed the Supertrend system as a way to balance risk with the SuperADX system.  It’s not a total hedge against the SuperADX, but it uses a different methodology that should compliment the trading style of SuperADX during difficult trading times.  As the name implies, the Supertrend system does well in trendy markets whereas the counter-trend signals of the SuperADX system will suffer the most.

In fact, the idea for the Supertrend system has been with us for the past couple years.  After extensive back-testing during the last half of December and first week of January, we were convinced the system should move ahead in forward testing, thus the mini-lot trading during January.  I am not a huge fan in the reliability of back-testing as I have never seen a system perform the same with back AND forward testing.  During the last three weeks of January, the system netted +186pips, which is not fantastic, but it gave us the confidence to continue testing and increase the lot size to a full standard lot.  The rest is history.  In February, the system made +261pips.  In March +341pips.  Like I said, the Supertrend system nicely enhances the SuperADX system, however, we have yet to have a losing month on SuperADX to see how well the Supertrend performs.  This should be interesting when it does happen.

We are continuing to build confidence with the Supertrend system and now starting to explore trade copier services based on many customer requests.  The majority of Supertrend signals are triggered during the London session when the lessor hard-core U.S. based customer is sleeping which is making it difficult for these customers to follow our trades.

After a couple more months of Supertrend trading and we are convinced the mature track record has merit for long term trading, we will begin to develop indicators and write the code necessary so that customers can run the system on their computers with the smallest amount of subjectivity as possible.

I hope my reply has been sufficient for you.  Please feel free to write again or call if you have further questions.  Thanks again.

Kind regards,
Steven Micheal Matrix

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