Daily Forex Signals – 23rd August 2011


There is 3 Open Position
There is 2 Closed Trade

Daily Market Beacon
Tuesday, August 23nd 2011

This issue contains:
1: Open Positions
2: Pending Trades
3: Recently Closed Trades
4: Today's Intra-Day Alerts and Results
5: EOD Trades

Short CHF/JPY from 97.45
SL 98.19 (74pips)
TP 96.07 (138pips)
Short EUR/NZD from 1.7377
SL 1.7555 (178pips)
TP 1.7120 (257pips)

Short USD/CHF from .7879
SL .7916 (37pips)
TP .77780 (99pips)

No Pending Trades at this time.

Long USD/CAD -3pips
Long GBP/NZD -87pips

Track Record


August 2011

July 2011 +211pips
June 2011 +1630pips
2nd Quarter 2011 +1926pips
1st Quarter 2011 +1271pips

-All time stamps are EST (New York time)-

(8/22/2011 9:09:38 AM):
Sell to OPEN EUR/NZD at 1.7377 sell stop
(currently 1.7451)
SL 1.7555 (178pips)
TP 1.7120 (257pips)
Trade is based on 240min chart.
(8/22/2011 10:12:17 AM):
Buy to OPEN USD/CAD at .9883 buy stop
(currently .9877)
SL .9821 (62pips)
TP .9965 (82pips)
Trade is based on 60min chart.

(8/22/2011 10:17:25 AM):
Buy to OPEN GBP/NZD at 2.0017 buy stop
(currently 1.9983)
SL 1.9930 (87pips)
TP 2.0185 (168pips)
Trade is based on 60min chart.

(8/22/2011 7:46:55 PM):
Trade Update
We have four (4) open positions:
Short CHF/JPY from 97.45
Short EUR/NZD from 1.7377
Long GBP/NZD from 2.0017
Long USD/CAD from .9883
We have one new pending trade:
Sell to OPEN USD/CHF at .7879 sell stop
(currently .7891)
SL .7916 (37pips)
TP .7780 (99pips)
Trade is based on 60min chart. No other pending trades.

(8/22/2011 9:14:10 PM):
Move stop loss on Long USD/CAD to .9880
Markets are thinly traded and in a tight range making it difficult to be on the right side of the next decent move.

(8/22/2011 10:17:48 PM):
We have filled Short USD/CHF at .7879

(8/23/2011 2:14:36 AM):
We are out our Long USD/CAD at .9880
Out -3pips
We stopped out our Long GBP/NZD at 1.9930
Out -87pips
Track record current: http://tinyurl.com/3gk878w

EOD trades are ideal for the Part-Time trader which has limited time to place trades and monitor positions, but desires the ability to catch big trends and create excellent returns.
Current Positions: (4)

Long AUD/CAD from 1.0287
SL .9993 (294pips)
TP 1.0692 (405pips)
Long AUD/JPY from 80.30
SL 76.40 (390pips)
TP 89.45 (915pips)

Long AUD/USD from 1.0426
SL 1.0090 (336pips)
TP 1.1075 (649pips)

Long NZD/USD from .8405
SL .7953 (452pips)
TP .8890 (485pips)

Pending Trades: (0)

There are NO pending trades at this time.

These trades are based on the same methodology as our primary day trading systems, except these from fixed daily charts rather then minute charts. Be prepared to stay in EOD trades for several weeks to months at a time. Also expect large swings of several hundred pips up-and-down throughout the course of being in any particular trade.







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