The BullsEye becomes a “Leading Indicator”

I have recently written a new add-on indicator to compliment BullsEye and named it “BullsEye Forecaster” which essentially turns the BullsEye into a “Leading” indicator by allowing you to see when the BullsEye can change colors before it actually happens. Which also tells you how far price has to move before color change. See the Intel 60min chart and notice the BullsEye indicator at the bottom of the chart, next see the red dashed line on the price chart. When that red line cross price, the BullsEye will change. Can you see how this would help your trading, especially when coupled with the WaveTrend? In this chart scenario, the WaveTrend fired a little early, but it was still an excellent call anyway. The most reliable trade setups with the best win percentages are those when the WaveTrend dot fires on the same candle as a BullsEye change.

The price of the BullsEye or the Forecaster will be $97 each, or the pair sold at $177

Since the Forecaster is new, the above links are being created or updated today and should be completed by tomorrow.