FXCoaching Weekly Review – Week 30 & 31

"If You Followed Our Signals, You Would Have Made..."

+1540 Pips in Two Weeks

Outstanding Results!

“While markets are crashing all around us,
come join us and follow our lead.

“Let us show you that you can succeed as a Forex Trader.”

Last Week: +1097 Pips
Prior Week: +443 Pips

Real Trades
Real Profits


Past 2 Weeks of Results: 35 Trades (28 winners, 7 losses)
GBP/USD +110
GBP/CHF +352
USD/CAD +192
CHF/JPY +149
AUD/JPY +176
USD/CHF +124
NZD/USD +131
AUD/CAD -108
EUR/NZD +190
EUR/CHF +176


Net Total +1540pips

The Trades are Real

The Profits are Real

The Signals are Real


Online Track Record
(updates “live” in real-time)

Actual Broker Statement Screenshot

Actual Trading Signals


One-WeekTest Drive

Please Examine the Actual Trading Signals from the Past Two Weeks: You
Will See…
Excellent Risk/Reward Ratios
Perfect Trading Times- You make money in the forex market by trading the London-New York session… period!
Clear Communications - No Guess Work!



Customer Comments Received” Just listen to a few comments from clients:
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Ade from London, England

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Angie from England

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Jim from Hawaii

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Larry from Louisiana

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Alan from Birmingham, Alabama

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John from Livermore, California

“What a wonderful program. I just watched for the 7 days and you were amazing in your picks. Thanks so much… you have a great program”
Michael Esposito

The Forex market might be the toughest market to trade because of the many reversals and how far those reversals will move will take years of experience on how to really figure out a workable system. FxCoaching has the right stuff. Night after night, trade after trade. The system will buildconfidence. You just get the feeling that the person behind the decisions to to recommend the trade is not guessing about how it works. I endorse this completely.

Jim Jenkins

“Dynamite Trading!”
June Nesler

“Tried many many other advisory services, no one comes close to your accuracy and PROFIT!”
Reggie Jefferson

“I think the alert system is very good!!!!”
Medina Kazzim

“Absolutely the Best! I’m signing for life!”
Jack Kimble

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