Daily Forex Signals – 11th April 2011


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Friday, April 8th 2011

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SuperADX results:

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SuperTrend Results:
Long EUR/USD +53pips

Long GBP/USD -26pips
Long GBP/CHF -79pips






Track Record



March 2011

+2059 Pips


1st Quarter

-All time stamps are EST (New York time)- 




 1:58am ET (6:58 London)
Apr 8
Good Morning London!
Today with the Supertrend system, we are still on the long side for all three Supertrend pairs. Both the eur/usd and gbp/usd have had unusual big moves in this Asian session, so we’ll be watching closely for a further move upward or downward corection. The GBP/CHF looks ripe for a nice upward movement today. Today’s Market Beacon should be in your inbox now.

2:30am ET
Apr 8
Supertrend trade alert
Buy to OPEN GBP/CHF at Market
Filled 1.4969
SL 1.4890 (79pips)
TP 1.5075 (106pips)

2:42am ET
Apr 8
Supertrend trade alert
Buy to OPEN GBP/USD at Market
Filled 1.6386
SL 1.6271 (115pips)
TP 1.6549 (163pips)

2:57am ET
Apr 8
Supertrend trade alert
Buy to OPEN EUR/USD at Market
Filled 1.4398
SL 1.4274 (124pips)
TP 1.4493 (95pips)

8:20pm ET
April 8
Supertrend update
We closed our Supertrend trades at 4pm (NY Close) at:
Long EUR/USD at 1.4451
Out +53pips
Long GBP/USD at 1.6360
Out -26pips
We stopped out Long GBP/CHF at 1.4890
Out -79pips
We are currently FLAT with no open or pending positions. It was a rather disappointing trading week with a -33pips net loss on the Supertrend system and +29 on the SuperADX system. Felt like we just did a lot of wheel spinning with a final net result of -4pips for the week. Markets are tough sometimes and this was just one of those weeks. Have a great weekend. Have fun and see you back here Sunday evening. I will be around most of the weekend working on optimizing a new trend following system, so feel free to call if you have any questions. Cheers!

FXCoaching (4/8/2011 8:25:49 PM):

(4/8/2011 8:43:14 PM):
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