Daily Forex Signals – 4th April 2011


There is 1 Open Position
There is 3 Closed Trade


Daily Market Beacon
Monday, April 4th 2011

This issue contains:
1: Open Positions
2: Recently Closed Trades
3: Today's Intra-Day Alerts and Results


Long AUD/CAD from .9992 (currently trading .9995)
Stop loss .9943 (49pips)
Target 1.0062 (70pips)

SuperADX results:
Long USD/CAD -45pips  

SuperTrend Results:
Short GBP/USD -55pips

Long GBP/CHF +113pips


Track Record



March 2011


+2059 Pips


1st Quarter 2011

-All time stamps are EST (New York time)- 





2:24am ET
Apr 1
SuperADX trade alert
Buy to OPEN USD/CAD at Market
Filled .9695
SL .9650 (45pips)
TP .9780 (85pips)
This trade is based on the SuperADX “Big Move Ahead” red bar 30min chart.  

2:50am ET (6:55am London)
Apr 1
Good Morning London! Well let’s hope for some better trading today over the past two difficult whippy days. Today is Friday, and I’m definitely looking for a trend move today. EUR/USD and GBP/CHF are both to the upside and GBP/USD to the downside. No valid entry signals at this time. Watching closely.

3:59am ET
Apr 1
Supertrend trade alert
Buy to OPEN GBP/CHF at Market
Filled 1.4827
SL 1.4721 (106pips)
TP 1.4940 (113pips)

5:31am ET
Apr 1
Supertrend trade alert
Sell to OPEN GBP/USD at Market
Filled 1.6028
SL 1.6083 (55pips)
TP 1.5945 (83pips)

12:35pm ET
Apr 1
Trade update
Target reached on Long GBP/CHF at 1.4940
Out +113pips
We stopped Short GBP/USD at 1.6083
Out -55pips
We are currently FLAT with no open or pending positions.






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